Monarch Edits

If you need fast, affordable, and superb editing, you’re in the right place. Reading is our passion and editing is our talent–we’re here to help you succeed. At Monarch Edits, we specialize in young adult and new adult literature of all genres. If you’ve got a story to tell, we’ve got the pen to edit. Send your book our way–we can’t wait to read your novel!


Beta Reading

Beta reading is an essential step in polishing your novel, whether you plan to self-publish your novel or you plan to hire an agent to go the traditional route. At Monarch Edits, we will approach your novel as a fresh pair of eyes, looking at the story as a reader would, rather than an editor.

We will look for inconsistencies in plot, primary character development, and world building. We will also provide input on overall strengths and weaknesses of your novel.

  • RATE: $.001  per word/ $50 per 50,000 words

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing takes polishing your novel to the next level. Here, we will enhance your story’s style, plot, and structure. Our attention will be on the story itself, rather than the mechanical aspects. This means we’ll focus on things like character development, dialogue, POV, and much more!

This is an in-depth critique of your novel, including all edits performed in the beta reading service and expanding into the readability of your story. We will look at story structure, plot pacing, and secondary character development. Our services will also include basic edits in grammar and syntax.

  • RATE: $.004 per word/ $200 per 50,000 words

To book your slot, email us through our contact form.